hey, i'm jad

i make websites

my work

o o o

Do you see that fancy motherfucking ass "my work" section right there, my nigga? You see how it's perfectly responsive to different screen sizes, and the box's take up full width on mobile? Ain't that just marvelous craftmanship? Well, get your dick and tit in hand, and click that three dotted button. See that silky smooth ease-in-out animation, the orgasmic fade in of the new box's, and how it's still perfectly optimized to smaller screen sizes? Ain't this just the most amazing thing ever? I'll be geniunely amazed if you haven't cummed three times now, because this shit took me so fucking long to do, and you've probably already found a bug in it and are about to report it to me on Discord. Well, listen here, kiddo, I don't wanna here it. I'm tired of staring at CSS past midnight, so just suck it up and pay me money for getting you mildly interested to read this paragraph, you fat sack of shit.